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VACB Resource Center
Getting Started
  Online Club Application For clubs who are not yet online but would like to know more.  Fill out this form, and an ACBL onboarding pro will contact you about the next steps.
VACB Player List Management • When you add a player to your “friends” list, you authorize them to your games.  (Add to friends list by changing a player’s relationship from “neutral” to “follow.”
• If you ask ACBL to add a player to your “include” list, ACBL authorizes them for you.  You must email to make these requests.
• If you wish to prevent a player from registering for your games, change their relationship from “neutral” to “ignore.” Then make certain that your games are set up with “exclude players ignored by host” checked on the entries tab.  Once this is set up, if they attempt to register, they will get a message that they are “blacklisted,” and the system will prevent their registration.
Visitor Policy (rev. 7/24/2020) You must manage your entries so that you don’t have too many visitors.
All About Pooling Explanation of the two types of pooling relationships between/among Virtual Clubs.
Running Your Games
  Creating Howells How to set up Howell movements for your VACB. 
Creating Mitchells How to set up Mitchell movements for your VACB.
Creating Swiss Teams How to set up Swiss Teams games for your VACB. 
• Short version, for experienced VACBs
• Long version, for newer VACBs
• Teams and boards – a quick reference chart.
• Player version, describes differences in registration for Swiss vs. pair games. This will save you having to chase them down at game time if you distribute first!
Game Hacks A list of how to fine-tune your game’s movement and attributes.  Not every hack works in every instance.  Be sure to use the right one to control your game as you want it to run.
Video on BBO BBO's Video Chat Guide, for adding the video option to your games, can be found here in two versions:  for Clubs, and for Players.
Schedule of Special Events Calendar of special Events VACB-only Events, including dates, descriptions, awards, extra fees (if any)
Eight is Enough A quick primer on the Swiss Teams format created by Mary Oshlag. This fun event tends to "level the playing field," and is enjoyed by all participants.
VACB Tools
  Multiple Transfers ID Multiple Transfers ID more flexibility, and be able to transfer at any time, please email and request to have this ability enabled.
VPortal Login with your club number and your VACB password. More functionality when you are also logged into BBO as VACB in another browser tab/window.
Masterpoints® Missing? If a robot (or a substitute) is awarded points that should be given to a player who is the "seat owner," please email and ask to have the points reassigned.  Marilyn will need this information, so please have it gathered when you send your request:
 - Club #  
 - Club name:
 - Game #
 - Game date:
 - MPs and pigment:
 - Player to award:
 - Player to take them from (if not a robot):
 - Link to game on Live for Clubs: 

Please note that these changes will not take place by reprocessing the games.  Thus, the Live for Clubs display will not change.  These are made on the back side, so please advise your players to watch their MyACBL portal for the pending points.
Update ACBL # Send players to this link, and ask them to login to it with their BBO name and their BBO password.  (This is a direct link to the place on BBO to update the number in their profile.)
Online Player Memo When ethical issues arise, direct the players to fill out this Player Memo. The details are sent from this form to the National Recorder at ACBL. (Directors can also use the form.)
Need a Director? Find a replacement director when you will be unable to run your games.
ACBL Support
  Club Manager Meetings The Club Manager Zoom meeting recordings are now maintained by Lynn Chapin.   Remember that these meetings take place the first and third Mondays of every month, at 7:00 pm eastern. Please email Lynn if you do not get an invitation.
Guest Memberships ACBL is offering FREE Guest Memberships for your players! Encourage them all to join so that they will have an ACBL # for life – even if they never become a fully paid member!
Appendix “O” This is an appendix to the ACBL Handbook of Rules and Regulations. While that document is outdated and the update has not yet been released, the Appendix “O” is very much relevant for your online games.
Alert Procedures Alertable calls are done differently online vs. face-to-face. Be aware of the differences.
Convention Charts Convention Chart revisions introduced in February 2020.  Know which one(s) your club will use for its games.
Masterpoint® Book Do you know how the Masterpoint® awards are calculated? This document details the awards process for face-to-face games. At this time, the Virtual Club games are awarding 150% of the face-to-face Masterpoint® awards. This will decrease to 125% beginning July 1, 2021.
ACBL Codification While this does not directly address virtual club games, the Governance, Policies, and Bridge Operations as directed by the ACBL Board of Directors can be found here.
BBO Support
Tournament Archive
(change last 6 digits to the club number desired)
BBO MyHands Searchable archive of games by player.  Login with YOUR BBO ID and password, search any player’s games by date, view the hands.
Robot Systems System notes for the GIB robots on BBO. Explains both bidding and defense.
BBO Points Explanation of BBO points (to which ACBL Masterpoints® won online will contribute!)


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