Jersey Bridge Club, West Long Branch, NJ

Series #4 - Commonly Used Conventions (8 lessons)

This series delves a little deeper into the why, when and the mechanics of commonly used conventions:

Stayman (ranges of NT bids, Stayman, responding to 2NT and 3NT, handling interference)
Jacoby Transfers (transfers for the majors, subsequent auctions, signing off in a minor suit, when the opponents interfere, responding to 2NT and 3NT)
Major Suit Openings and Responses Part I (opening bids of 1 of a major, raising partner's major, Jacoby 2NT, subsequent auctions, 2NT after a takeout double - Jordan)
Major Suit Openings and Responses Part II (third and fourth seat openings, Drury, responses to 1 of a major that don't promise support)
Minor Suit Openings and Responses (opening bids of 1 of a minor, raising partner's minor, other responses to 1 of a minor, handing interference)
The Subsequent Auction (opener's non-forcing rebids, opener's forcing rebids, responder's non-forcing rebids, responder's forcing rebids)
Weak Two Bids (opening weak two bids, responding to a weak two, opener's rebid, handling interference, subsequent auctions, opening suit bids at the three level or higher, responding to a preemptive opener)
Strong 2 Clubs Opener (opening 2 clubs strong and unbalanced, opening 2 clubs with strong, balanced hand, responding to 2 clubs, opener's rebid, responder's rebid, subsequent auctions, handling interference after 2 club opener)