Jersey Bridge Club, West Long Branch, NJ

Series #5 - More Commonly Used Conventions (7 lessons)

This series delves a little deeper into the why, when and the mechanics of commonly used conventions:

Negative Double (definition, strength shown with negative double, level through which it applies, negative or penalty?, opener's rebid after a negative double, responder's rebid after a negative double, doubling for penalty when playing negative doubles)
Other Doubles (classic takeout double, balancing double, responder's takeout double, opener's takeout double, overcaller's takeout double, cooperative, competitive and optional doubles, delayed takeout double, doubles primarily for penalty, lead-directing doubles, the redouble)
Overcalls (simple overcall in a suit, advancing a one-level overcall, advancing a two-level overcall, overcalling the opponents' 1NT opener, handing the opponents' overcalls)
Two-Suited Overcalls (direct cuebids, Michaels cuebid, unusual notrump)
Blackwood and Gerber (blackwood, interference by opponents, when is 4NT blackwood?, gerber, when is 4C gerber?)
Finding Key Cards (cuebidding first round controls, cuebidding second-round controls, cuebidding other controls)
Leads and Signals (opening leads against suit contracts, opening leads against notrump contracts, defensive signaling)