Jersey Bridge Club, West Long Branch, NJ

Bidding Series - Communicating with Partner


$80 includes all materials

Next series starts May 2019:
Wednesdays, 9:30 - 11:30 am
Starts the week of May 6 - 4 consecutive weeks

Please email to sign up, or if you are interested
in being notified the next time we run this class.

Perfect for those who have taken Series #1, or Series #2, and those who want to sharpen their communication skills. Breaks down EVERY POSSIBLE RESPONSE to EVERY POSSIBLE OPENER (SAYC). Four lessons, $80. Includes handouts and predealt practice hands.

- Openings
• Opening 1 of a minor, or 1 of a major, or 1NT
• Opening 2C, 2 of any other suit, or 2NT
• Opening 3 of any suit, or 3NT
• Opening 4 of any suit
• Opening 5 of a minor
- Direct Suit Raises
• Raising a minor at any level, raising a major at any level
- Changing Suits
• At the 1-level, at the 2-level

- 1NT Auctions and Responses
• All responses (wtihout interference) at al levels
- Using the Double Card
• Doubling in different auctions means disfferent things
- Showing Support with Cuebids
• Cuebid opponent's suit for support
- Sandwich NT
• In sandwich seat after partner's pass, ways to takeout
• Weak or strong takeout?

- More about Cuebidding
• Michaels Cuebid

• Unusual 2NT (not a cuebid)
• Western Cuebid
• Cuebidding as a response to partner's takeout double

Note: cuebidding as it pertains to controls on the way to slam is not a part of this series.

- Skill Set Review
We will play random hands, created to test every bid learned in the previous three weeks. Every seat will be tested, and every seat will declare.