Jersey Bridge Club, West Long Branch, NJ

Bidding 201

BIDDING 201 - 7 weeks 
$140 (includes all materials)

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Advancing players have asked for more... how to get to the right contract? When to stick your neck out? How can the conversation of the auction be refined?

- Overcalls
• What you need
• Where and when
• How partner should advance

- Takeout Doubles in Depth
• What do you really need?
• When should advancer jump?

- Stayman & Transfers as a system
• Working together
• It's not all about 8 points
• Get to the best contract every time

- Preempting
• It's not always right
• What to hold
• Abide by the guidelines?
• Responding

- Negative Doubles
• Larry Cohen calls this the most important convention!
• What you promise and what you DO NOT promise

- Handling Strong Hands
• The tools to get to the best place
• Avoiding a bad slam!

- Continuing Strong Hands
• Choosing your system
• Getting experience